Big Easy Chair

My girl and I gotta style
for takin’ it slow
Big easy chair
there’s nowhere
that we gotta go
She makes me coffee
I brew her tea
and waking up her sleepy eyes
look lovely

I come alive deep inside
when she flashes that smile
She’s gotta knack
for kicking back
and talking awhile
Softly she says she’s
crazy for me
Our fingers intertwine
so easily
maybe we’ll melt in the magic
or maybe we’ll blow in the breeze
she and I know that together we are
part of something wonderful and
maybe we’ll sail through the sunlight
and sky
She and I
living life, our arms open wide

My girl and I gotta way
of taking our time
Soak up the late morning light
till the two of us shine
We’ll take the long road
just for the ride
Slip into sunset’s sultry
downhill slide
maybe we’ll sit by the shoreline
or maybe lie under the trees
curling up, side by side
in a winding whirl of love
in a big easy chair