Lee’s Summit

Out here where the wild flowers open to the sun

the golden summer sunlight spreads the morning over hills and trees
Cinching up the saddle, 
Leland’s bridal slips on easily

Gather up the reins in hand
Loping out and through these lands
Pressing heel to flank, old Leland flies

The rhythm of a hoof beat follows heartbeat as our breath aligns
A music in the movement
and the moment speaks in drumbeats of time

Comes a time to say goodbye
Comes a time to finally let go
Galloping, we climb to the plateau

I can feel the warm wind on my skin
On these hills, I take it all in,
Hear the quiet of my own unguarded path to my heart

From way up here, higher ground,
Slowly rein in, look around
And then once releasing all I thought I knew
Can see the wider view

Still standing at the summit, love surrenders as the trail descends
I’m letting loose the tether I’ve held tight to
 Now, at summers end
Find a way to say goodbye
Find a way to finally let go
Room for all the sorrow,
magic, joy and sadness
Out here,
Riding free and on our own
Out here,
Lee’s summit trail will guide us home

Out here where the wildflowers open to the sun