With our hands
We can turn our thoughts around
With our breath
There is space within the sound
When I look into you
I see how it’s begun
From the warmth of the touch of your fingertips
To the blaze of an inner sun

With our hands
We touch the flow of tides
With our lips
We blend where we collide
When I look into you
The ocean in your eyes
We slide through the swirl of a thousand things
To the sweetness of a still mind

In the language of our silence
The curve of a wrist
Through the voices of our senses
We fall
Through it all
With our hands in mudra
Slowing down the circles
Slipping through the wheel workings of the mind
Hands in mudra
Now washed away
We become
The interplay
Moon and sun
Swirl in a starlit sky
Bathed in the light